Welcome to a portfolio of some of my favorite projects.

I hope you find my designs and workmanship inspiring. If you want to work with me, however, that’s where it could get interesting.

Beginning in May 2016, my wife and I left Los Angeles to begin a full-time RV adventure, following the weather and our imaginations throughout the western half of the country.

We generally head north in the summer and south in the winter, following a pattern of short-term “sightseeing” stops followed by longer, settle in and “do some building” layovers. There have been decks built in California, Texas, and Colorado, pergolas in New Mexico and Arizona and a shell-off restoration of a ’66 Airstream in Grass Valley. A project you can read about here.

Pictures of some of my favorite projects since beginning our travels can be viewed by clicking here: Projects On The Road

I have all of my tools and will continue to be practicing my trade as we travel through the country. I advertise on Craigslist.

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PS. If you have an exciting project, we would definitely alter our course to your locale – something like a grand deck or porch, restoration work or building a tiny house (where I could build at a discount in exchange for time-sharing). Let’s talk!

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