Conversions are about changing carports, garages and crawlspaces into additional living spaces, guest quarters or offices.

tucson – patio

Converted a covered patio into a new den. Added new walls, windows and door; removed existing exterior wall to open new space to living room for a large, open floor plan.

Franklin – Crawlspace

Turned an unused crawlspace into a studio apartment. Framed to make maximum use of floor and wallspace; plenty of windows including glass blocks for light with privacy.

Holly – crawlspace

Crawlspace had been cleared and foundations poured by the time I started on this job. Framed all the walls and built the finished spiral staircase to the ground-level floor; converting an upstairs closet space for locked access.

daisy – garage

This conversion space was originally composed of a small garage and shed placed back-to-back. I started by moving the dividing wall back to provide for a smaller shed and larger living area. Lots of light, french doors, and indirect lighting.

North – garage

Converted a two-car garage into a yoga studio with a half-bathroom. Direct and indirect lighting in soffits around open ceiling.