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Decks are additional living space for entertaining, relaxation and day-to-day living.  With an extra measure of planning and carpentry, a deck can also add an element of craftsmanship and artistry to any home.

“Shade” includes pergolas and patio covers, most often installed to bring relief from the summer sun in the case of pergolas, and full, weather protection with patio covers.

Longview deck and pergola

An 8′ x 30′ deck and 12′ x 32′ pergola grew when the original design was changed to add a pergola spanning 10′ over the pool – an addition of 12′ x 18′. (photos taken before final paint touch-up)

skyview pergola

This pergola was installed to bring a cozy feel to the hot tub. The innovative design was provided by the client. Support beams were milled to accept the slated side pieces proving an added level of carpentry and a clean, finished look.

longview enclosed patio

This project involved cutting back a low-hanging eve to provide additional height to the patio roof. The original cover was barely 7′ tall. The patio was enclosed with screens all around to keep out mosquitos providing additional, comfortable living space. A tinted, polycarbonate roof keeps out rain while letting in lots of light.

La fayette park place deck

This project included building a deck over an existing concrete porch. To match the aesthetic of the existing pergola, 6 x 6’s were used on the post and beam framing. Owner supplied the railing design – made using Kayu Batu, a super dense, impervious to bug and rot wood from Indonesia. Composite decking with an access door to cellar storage.

Georgian Colonial covered porch

Replaced an existing composite deck with a Kayu Batu wood deck and railing. The back porch area is covered in a style to match an existing, covered side entry. Handrails become chair backs for the seat along the edge of the lower level. Added the pine tree cut-out detail in the balusters to match the shutters. Replaced stairs to the second-floor apartment.

six level deck

Met this customer one year before I started to build this project. Meanwhile, the yard was terraced to accommodate the framing of this 1000 sq.’, six-level deck. Complete with fountain, koi pond, and custom steel handrails.

washington blvd. deck and pegola

This project involved replacing old decking on an existing frame 15′ – 20′ above the ground. Old composite material was replaced with oiled Kayu Batu. Railing was designed to make it impossible for a toddler to climb. Simple pergola framing was built to accommodate retractable shade cloth added later.

Rocky blvd. pergola

This pergola was added over an existing deck/porch to provide shade and added “curb appeal” the house. Plenty of detail provided a craftsman look.

james blvd. deck

This 750 sq.’ deck was built to surround a lap pool/spa and outdoor shower area. Building it picture-frame style made proper layout essential.

Highland blvd. deck

This deck covers the entire back yard, providing ground cover over existing concrete and a seamless transition to the raised main deck. Planter boxes were built along the side fence to grow bamboo for additional privacy. Composite decking material.

daisy dr. deck

Function can drive form as it did when my customer needed a ramped-entry deck. Building the ramp with a 45-degree corner softened its appearance, adding an element that enhances the overall design. The new doors were installed by me as well.

melrose deck

This was my first Kayu Batu deck – material made known to me by my client’s designer. The wood is so dense every screw hole must be pre-drilled. It is nearly impervious to rot and bugs, and can be left to dry in the sun with zero maintenance. Though not shown, the stairs on this deck were milled to accommodate strip LED lighting.

Altadena deck

Rebuilt this deck to mimic the original mid-century design – including having no handrails. I skirted the deck with galvanized steel.

Brentwood deck

This job started out as an attempt to repair the existing doug fir deck to make it last five more years. Demo revealed that the entire structure needed to be replaced. We stuck with conventional doug fir, pre-coated on all sides, decking with a pattern of 2 x 4, 6 and 8″ boards. We finished it off with 1/4″ tempered glass and redwood handrailings. 1600 sq.’

Downtown – 2 story deck

The object here was to build a deck over a highly sloped concrete area and airspace above a walkway to provide additional living space for entertaining at this industrial live/work space.

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Conversions are about changing carports, garages and crawlspaces into additional living spaces, guest quarters or offices.


Decks add additional living space for entertaining and relaxation. Shade includes pergolas and patio covers, for relief from the sun.


Whether gaining space through an addition, or finding new ways to use the space you have, remodeling can modernize any home.


Woodworking is the “all other” category for projects characterized by custom work and craftsmanship.
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