Whether gaining space through an addition,. or finding new ways to use the space you have, remodeling can modernize the function and form of any home.

Los Feliz

Enclosed a covered porch and added 30′ of enclosed hallway to open walls, add windows and move the front entry door 40′. Matched ceiling, added the round post to open what had been the front door area. Also remodeled second-floor patio, adding a pergola.

Echo Park – Porch restoration

Returned the porch layout of this 1906 beauty to the original floor plan. Built the porch, railings, enclosed ceiling, and installed the main entry door and sidelights.

Hyde Park – apartment

Renovated and greatly expanded an apartment attached to the garage. Expanded from 200 to 750 sq.’. Open floorplan and wooden truss-supported ceiling.

Griffth Park – Library

Bookcases along two walls and a new mantel using reclaimed components.